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Our friends at the bard podcast network bring you epic podcasts that feature three shows around dungeons and Dragons.

The Bard is proud to share our network of podcast shows. The Bard is a hub for geeky and nerdy podcasts, sweet swag, table top add-ons, and much more! Our shows cover a wide berth of ideas, content, and games! Go to iTunes to find and listen to Dicey Tales, Dames not Damsels, and College of Lore.

Our friends AT Nerd Dads is an awesome podcast that features products that nerdy fathers can enjoy with their kids.

It’s hard to find the time to enjoy your comic books, video games, favorite movies and television shows when you are running after a banshee toddler. The withdrawal can be horrible, thus Nerd Dads was born. You can check out their episodes and reviews at http://nerddads.tv to find out what is worth playing, watching and children friendly. This way you can enjoy Nerd-dom with your children!

Our friends at larp house have a great youtube channel for all of your larping needs!

Larp House is an online platform geared to educate creative enthusiasts, as well as anyone who has ever wanted to live through an adventure, about the hobby of LARP by providing free creative tutorials, discussions and resources.

What is Larp?
LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, and it is an interactive theatrical game experience. Imagine that you have created a video game character. Any ccharacter you want. You give it stats according to the rules of the game and points you have, a back story, and pick the costume. Now imagine that you actually put the costume on and go physically pretend to be this character in a thrilling game that lasts an entire weekend. Magic spells, fantastical creatures, and epic battles all await you at a larp.

Our friends at bad advice beholder bring you epic tales or role playing games.

Timmy B. Holder, the creator of Bad Advice Beholder, is your adventure go to guy. He is here to help you on your quests with sage advice to see you safely on the other side.  He also fills your treasure chests with Dungeons and Dragons and Role Playing Game content. Go fourth to Bad Advice Beholder and level up your life.